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Piano Teacher in Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Coral Gables and Miami

Dr. Adam Aleksander

Congratulations on your choice of piano lessons -- proven in many studies to have enormous benefits on children's growth and development as well as their self-esteem, sense of discipline and commitment.

Dr. Aleksander is in great demand as one of the top teachers in Miami-Dade; his students consistently win local and national piano competitions and he is the only teacher in the country to have three different scholarship winners in the Chopin Foundation of the US National Scholarship Competition for young pianists. He has given master classes at universities in Vancouver, SUNY Fredonia, Baylor, North Texas in Denton, Grand Valley State in Michigan and Northeastern Illinois in Chicago. In 2005, he was the only teacher in Florida to have a student accepted into the prestigious National Chopin Competition held every five years. Dr. Aleksander was an adjunct professor at Barry University where he taught piano, piano literature and music history and was a teaching assistant during his doctoral studies at University of Miami where he taught studio piano and class piano as well as theory.

Born in Edmonton, Canada, Adam Aleksander has been performing to the acclaim of audiences worldwide since his debut with orchestra at the age of fourteen with the Chopin Piano Concerto in E Minor. He has studied with Sergei Babayan at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Regina Smendzianka at the Chopin Academy in Warsaw, Jim Bonn at the University of Southern California, and has earned a Doctorate Degree in Music. He has performed at festivals in Tokyo, Tours, Atami, Orford, Quebec, Interlochen, Michigan, Cleveland, Miami, Slupsk, Winnipeg as well as Antonin, Poland.

Critics have hailed Adam Aleksander’s playing as having “rare finesse…gorgeous sonority and nimble fingers…generous of feeling, mood and tonal resources” (Cleveland Plain Dealer); “(Aleksander) is a consummate pianist…outstanding artist” (Miami Herald); having “phenomenal technique, which allows him to achieve extremely musical ends” (Byron Belt, Newshouse News Service); “…exquisite…subtlety and grace…fire and brimstone…rare depth and substance…introspective… exhilarating!” (Pat Leitch, Coral Gables Gazette), “...Aleksander gave a staggering display of his powers at the keyboard. These are among the most difficult piano pieces ever written... (he) produced a breathtaking barrage of double octaves, dangerous leaps and skips, and rapid runs and chords, all this done with the utmost control and poise. A wonderful performance.” (Michael Green, Artsmart, Durban, South Africa)

Aleksander has received top prizes in over nineteen piano competitions, including international and national competitions in Barcelona, Paris, Salerno, Miami, Edmonton, Lawton and Palm Beach, and has received prizes for his recordings in competitions in Austin, Texas and Calgary, Canada. In addition, he has been awarded grants from The Canada Council and The Alberta Heritage Trust Fund.

Adam Aleksander has made television, CD, and radio recordings and has performed in Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Scotland, Brazil, Ecuador, Canada and the U.S. His recordings are available on iTunes, and other websites.

Call Dr. Aleksander at Miami Piano Studios (305-302-1824) for more information or to schedule a meeting or e-mail:

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